Thank you for making a financial contribution to ‘Ryan Spiegel for City Council’ as I ramp up my campaign for re-election to the Gaithersburg City Council.  Your support is crucial.

Checks are preferred to ensure that 100% of your contribution goes toward the campaign fund. Paypal charges a service fee which will be deducted from your donation.

If you are contributing by check, please mail your contribution to:

Ryan Spiegel for City Council

203 Midsummer Drive

Gaithersburg, Md 20878

Make all checks payable to “Ryan Spiegel for City Council.”  Please also make sure that your address is included. Thank you.

However, if you would like to contribute by credit card, please click on the following Paypal “Donate” button. Please provide your address so that we can maintain our donor information in compliance with applicable law.


Paid political advertisement. Paid for by Ryan Spiegel for City Council.  Individuals, corporations, associations and partnerships may contribute up to $500 each to a candidate for Mayor or City Council under City of Gaithersburg laws.  Contributions or gifts to Ryan Spiegel for City Council are not tax deductible.  Contributions cannot be anonymous.  All contributions will be reported in publicly accessible campaign finance disclosures as required by law.  By clicking on the “Donate” button, you confirm that the following statements are true and accurate:  I am not a foreign national who lacks permanent residence in the United States; this contribution is made from my own funds, and not those of another; and I am at least eighteen years old.